Fishing in France…First of all : Do I need a license to fish in France’s freshwaters ?

– Yes, of course !

If you intend to practice Angling or fishing in France’s freshwaters, you have to pay a license.

The cost of this license depends on whether you are an adult  or a child, whether you only intend to fish in Loire-Atlantique departement (county) or all around France’s territory…Some of them allow you to fish just for a day, a week or a complete year.

The licenses :




La carte journalière

(One day fishing license)

This allows an adult to fish during a single day in a single departement (for instance, you can fish in Loire-Atlantique, but not in Morbihan).

You can use till 4 lines together (see site legislation) .


 (10 GBP)

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La carte hebdomadaire

(One week fishing license –

7 days on)

This allow an adult to fish during one complete week (7 days on). You can also fish in another departement (91 departements). You can use till 4 lines together (see site legislation).


(27.53 GBP)

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 La carte mineure

(Teenager license –  from 13 to 18 year old children – From January, 1st to december, 31st )

This license allows a teenager to fish just like an adult everywhere in France and with 4 lines together (see site legislation).

 21.00 €

(17.52 GBP)

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 La carte majeure

(Adult license – From January, 1st to december, 31 st)

This license allows an adult (from 18 years old) to fish in a single departement with 4 lines together (see site legislation). You can also fish in other departements but ONLY in a state-owned river and ONLY with a single line.

 77 €

(64.24 GBP)

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 La carte interfédérale

(Multi-departement fishing license). From January, 1st to december, 31 st.

For an adult (from 18 years old), this license allows to fish in the « almost whole » France territory, with 4 lines together (see site legislation).


(83.43 GBP)

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 Carte découverte – de 12 ans

(under 12 years old license) From January, 1st to december, 31 st.

It allows younger fishermen to fish with a SINGLE line, almost everywhere in France (see site legislation).

 6.00 €

(5 GBP)

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 Carte découverte femme

(Special woman license)

From January, 1st to december 31 st.

To discover fishinghobby !

When you’re a woman, just with a single line, almost everywhere in France (just like men, see site legislation;))

 35.00 €

(29.20 GBP)

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How can I buy my license ?

We offer you 2 ways of buying your license :

  • On a dedicated website :
  • In a shop next to your stay in Loire-Atlantique : click HERE to open the website list

What am I supposed to fish in Loire-Atlantique freshwaters?

Just like in the UK, the species are quite the same. Our topography is a bit plane and then our departement is a real anglers paradise…Ponds, lakes, calm rivers and canals, that’s our playground.

Several rivers offer the fisherman several ways of fishing : angling of course, but also lures spinning and casting to catch carnivorous fishes, and even fly fishing can be practised (unfortunately, you would catch much more chub than trouts…).

La Loire, the royal and large river offers plenty of species as pike, pike-perch (zander), roach, perch, carp,  asp, chub, eel, and the biggest bullheads (Silurus glanis) you’ve ever caught !

Several species are protected a part of the year and you are no allowed to catch them during their reproduction period.

Specie period of fishing lenght

from january the 1rst to last sunday of january

and from may the 1rst to december the 31 rst

0.60 meter
Pike-perch (zander)  On private rivers :

from january, the 1rst to last sunday of january

and from may the 1rst to december the 31 rst*

On state owned rivers :

All year long (only with a non moving earthworm)

Lures are prohibited

0.50 meter
Black-bass  from january the 1rst to last sunday of january and from june the 15th to december the 31 rst 0.40 meter

2 different zones :see ministry decret

from 1rst april to 31 august

Am I authorized to fish by night ?

Fishing by night is prohibited in France.carpe-la-plage

Only carp anglers are allowed to fish by night, but in only several sites (legislation is assertive) see the sites on google maps and click HERE.

If you are keen on carp fishing, be sure that your nights will be noisy…

Can I use a boat to fish with ?

Yes you can ! But only on state-owned rivers (yellow on this map).



Rivers offer the sailor many boating slips and large parking .

If your engine is electric, or below 6 HP, you needn’t a  permit. On the contrary, if your engine exceed 6 HP, then you need a permit to navigate. Take advise at the conseil departemental of Loire-Atlantique.

Some fishing spots allow to use a float-tube or/and a kayak (clic HERE to see the map).

Watch out…You’re being watched !

To make rules and regulation respected, fisheries officers can control your activities. There are several units with different uniforms :

Biodiversity French Office officers (they are armed)

They operate on fishing, hunting issues and most generally to protect environnement controle peche ONCFS

Federal fisheries officers

They are specialized in fishing and angling activities. garde-pêche

Is camping authorised on the riverbank ?

Wild camping is prohibited in France. But on night carp fishing spots, bivouac is tolerated. You have to be quiet and discreet. Some site allow you to use a barbecue (Fires are usually prohibited) (see site legislation).

Where can I find fishing tackle ?

Here’s a google map where you will find every fishing tackle shop next to your leisure stays.

carte-des-marchands-d'articles-de-pêche-2017Click on it !

Where can I find campings or lodges next to my favorite fishing spots ?

We have selected several overnight stays that could be interesting.

  • Click HERE to consult the special camping website page.
  • Click HERE to consult the special Lodging website page.

At last, if you own an Android smartphone or tablet, don’t hesitate and download our free app « Pêcher en 44 » (Fishing in Loire-Atlantique).

Fishing in Loire-Atlantique, France : Everything you need to know to fish here : How and where to get your fishing licenses, Specialized fishing tackle sellers, videos…

With « Fishing in Loire-Atlantique, France », reach plenty of fishing spots with Google maps and our interactive maps. Let yourself guide with the GPS function of your phone !
Are you fond of carp fishing?

Discover fish stocks with our species-atlas.

Go fishing in Loire-Atlantique, France !


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Well dear English spoken friend, now you almost know everything about our so nice Loire-Atlantique departement…So…Welcome in L-A and have a nice stay.

We don’t wish you…well…you know what I mean…

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